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Autumn Birthdays

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 8:48 AM

Hi everyone!

It's time for birthday wishes =)

Autumn birthdays are here, warm people with your best wishes and thoughts!

:iconhappybirthdaycakeplz: :iconhappybirthdaycakeplz: :iconhappybirthdaycakeplz:

September, 1

<da:thumb id="397408256"/> <da:thumb id="321738734"/> <da:thumb id="433825291"/> <da:thumb id="346713972"/> <da:thumb id="346715537"/>

<da:thumb id="433815564"/> <da:thumb id="346724389"/> <da:thumb id="254487651"/>

<da:thumb id="321950595"/> <da:thumb id="313242454"/> 

September, 5

Rsa 7287 by vecch3  Rsa 7133 by vecch3  Rsa 7119 by vecch3  Rsa 7154 by vecch3  Rsa 8268 by vecch3

Rsa 7589 by vecch3  Rsa 7243 by vecch3  Rsa 7441 by vecch3  Rsa 7431 by vecch3  Rsa 8306 by vecch3

September, 9

Front yard Fall by Tailgun2009  Blooms 8-11-14 by Tailgun2009  Sky 8-22-14 by Tailgun2009

Cat 8-19-14 by Tailgun2009  My morning sky 2 9-4-14 by Tailgun2009  Nitro in my TV chair 9-11-14 by Tailgun2009  My birthday morning 9-9-14 by Tailgun2009  Hmm whats dat I spy? 9-21-14 by Tailgun2009  Fall in my front yard 10-13-14 by Tailgun2009  Gotta have that nut 10-9-14 by Tailgun2009

September, 23

the gift.. by candysamuels  Maria by candysamuels  Jimmy Page.. by candysamuels  Halle.. by candysamuels  Steve and Shell.. by candysamuels  Theresa by candysamuels

birthday cake.. by candysamuels  here comes the rain again.. by candysamuels  lost in time.. by candysamuels  love ain't a love song.. by candysamuels

September, 23

Chapter One ContestShe does not feel brave, in fact, she feels little emotion. There is a dream-like quality to her surroundings, and to her own state of mind. She shakes her head to try and clear it. There is something...
There is something she should know. Why that has become clear when the something itself is still trapped in the fog in her mind, she has no idea.  
The gate. She faces it, and shoves the papers back into her pockets. Slowly, her every sense on alert, she passes through and then stands there in awe. She finds it disquieting going from daylight to night with one step. At first all she can do is stand there and stare. The lights! The sounds! It is like nothing she has ever experienced before. She recognizes the bay, and the coast of Honshu Island; yet doesn't remember being there before.
She does know that when she saw it last, it was nothing like this! So she stands and tries to adjust, tries to get her bearings. Tries to understand what exactly she is seeing. As her hea

Flowers For Tea by mk-kayem  Michael Jackson Angel by mk-kayem  Kitten Still Life by mk-kayem
Guppies by mk-kayem  Christmas Chin by mk-kayem  christmas collie by mk-kayem

Hearts Of Nature by mk-kayem  Interloper by mk-kayem  Blue Ice by mk-kayem

September, 24

Big moon in starry night by Momotte2  Free Kestrel in the sky by Momotte2  Back in wilderness paradise by Momotte2  Baby big hairy armadillo by Momotte2  Afternoon at the swimming pool by Momotte2  Charming baby tapir by Momotte2  Graceful landing of magpie by Momotte2  Hungry baby marmot by Momotte2  Sweet Corsac Fox by Momotte2

October, 4

Celebration by LaraBLN  Cinema Paradiso by LaraBLN  Autumn Love by LaraBLN

Deseo by LaraBLN  Solitude by LaraBLN  Tranquila Tempestad - Quiet Storm by LaraBLN

Angel of the Sea by LaraBLN  Return by LaraBLN  Subtle by LaraBLN  True Love by LaraBLN

October, 6

Patrick by mim304  Evening Light by mim304  For Candy by mim304  Balloon Glow by mim304  Take Me There by mim304  Eddie's Christmas Card Pic 2012 by mim304  Riki Mae and Me by mim304  Patrick by mim304

Shine On by mim304  Olive by mim304

October, 8

Cherry Kola by jim373  Crown Of Thorns by jim373  Electric Blue by jim373  Tender Is The Night by jim373

Midnight's Illusion - Pong 19 by jim373  Trapped in Stone by jim373  Gnarls for Patty by jim373

On The Rails ~ pong 017 by jim373  Blue Sky ~ pong 013 by jim373  Tomorrow's Another Day ~ pong 015 by jim373

October, 17

Autumn fox by ChristinaMandy <da:thumb id="487224817"/> <da:thumb id="485785679"/>  Carmen Miranda sketch by ChristinaMandy <da:thumb id="480006875"/>  Henry Heartgold by ChristinaMandy  In Wonderland by ChristinaMandy  Ain't seen nothin' by ChristinaMandy  Summer bikeride by ChristinaMandy

October, 23

Greater Than and the Sum of Everything by TeaPhotography  Still Busy in the Fall by TeaPhotography  The Wild in You by TeaPhotography  Family by TeaPhotography  Uphill Sideways Protection by TeaPhotography  In the Comfort of Light by TeaPhotography  A Real Hoot! by TeaPhotography

Sheldon by TeaPhotography  Letting Go to Regrow by TeaPhotography  Lil Daydreamer by TeaPhotography



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I wish you a very Happy Birthday, my dear Dana!   Happy Birthday dear vt2000 by vafiehya

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